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As a Charity, we rely heavily on the kindness of others. If it wasn't for the many generous people that have supported us over the years, we simply wouldn't exist today.

Our Mission

“To help people in Merkinch who have had the courage to free themselves from Drug or Alcohol addiction by helping them to stay clean and to acquire self-esteem, new skills and the confidence to apply those skills to sustain the profound changes they have achieved in their lives”

The project is run by a Board of Trustees, some of whom appear on the back of this leaflet. There are 2 Support Workers and Richard Burkitt is co-ordinator.

We call ourselves:


‘For the Right Reasons’


Because we want all those who are working or volunteering with us to work for the right reasons of caring and helping others as well as having a sincere desire to be free from addiction.

Using Enterprise

To fill the gap left in someone's life by quitting drugs or alcohol we are encouraging enterprise of many different kinds in Merkinch so that we can provide up to 30 volunteer places on our project and work towards creating some real jobs in Merkinch.

For the Right Reasons, SC037781,   38-40 Grant Street,   IV3 8BN,,   01463 237 969